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Professor of Clinical Geropsychology, VU University Amsterdam, EMGO+University of Queensland AustraliaIPA, dementia, caregivers, mental health problems, healthy aging, resilience , e-health



Anne Margriet Pot has published widely in her areas of interest in peer-reviewed scientific journals, professional journals and books. She has served as first editor of the handbook on geropsychology. Click here for all publications.

Tuning in on Life and Aging

Dr. Pot has been active in the field of Psychology and Aging for 25 years, not only in scientific research, but also in (post)academic education and clinical practice to improve the quality of care for older adults. She is currently employed at the World Health Organization, Head Quarters, Geneva, specifically for dementia, aging ad long term care. Click here for a biosketch in Dutch or English.


Anne Margriet Pot started to play the flute at age 7. As a non-professional, she studied with Koos Verheul for 10 years. She also took lessons from Eleanor Duncan Armstrong and Ingrid Geerlings. At the moment she studies with Marieke Schneemann. Click here for Bach's triosonate 1038 in the Krijtberg church in Amsterdam

(Anne Margriet Pot: flute 2)


Healthy Ageing

16 oktober 2015
Two weeks ago the World Health Organization launched its first ever World Report on Ageing and Health. The momentum for the report is now, because the world has to cope with the increasingly ageing of populations worldwide. As one of its authors, I presented the report at the start of the annual congress of the International Psychogeriatric Association in Berlin. The World Report can be downloaded for free at our website: http://www.who.int/ageing. At that website there are also three gifs you can download and use in your own presentation (see example at the bottom of this blog). For an interview with me on the report for the Wireless radio in the UK by Martyn Lewis, go to: http://www.thewirelessradio.com/templates/radio/console/index.aspx?feature=70b8a152-f327-4e34-b1a9-69e704e7aa3b&url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.thewirelessradio.com%2fradio-rss-feed%2f%3ffeature%3d70b8a152-f327-4e34-b1a9-69e704e7aa3b&homepage=http://www.thewirelessradio.com/&radioPlayerPageID=185.

The key message of the report is that countries need to foster Healthy Aging for every older person. The goal of Healthy Ageing is to help people develop and maintain their functional ability that enables well-being. Functional ability requires efforts to build and maintain physical and mental capacities across the life course and into older age. It also requires the support a person needs to compensate for losses in these capacities that will likely occur over time. Investing in both of these areas - maximizing capacity and ability– will enable older people to continue to do the things that are important to them. Maximizing functional ability need to be the primary goal of policies to promote healthy ageing.

The World Report states that profound, radical changes are needed: changes in the way health policies for ageing populations are formulated and changes in the way services are provided around the world.  Please read the report for more information.

Animation showing how global populations are getting older.